Hadoop Tutorial : Custom Record Reader with TextInputFormat

Hadoop Tutorial : Custom Record Reader with TextInputFormat

In this hadoop tutorial we will have a look at the modification to our previous program wordcount with our own custom mapper and reducer by implementing a concept called as custom record reader. Before we attack the problem let us look at some theory required to understand the topic.

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Hadoop : WordCount with Custom Mapper and Reducer

So here is the next article in series. In the last post we learnt how to write wordcount without using explicit custom mappers or reducers. You can find the post here

Today we will go a step ahead and we will rewrite the same wordcount program by writing our own custom mappers as well as reducers.

We will use 2 classes in addition to our wordcount class.

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Hadoop : A wordcount without explicit mapper/reducer

So I was trying out my first hadoop program and I was little wary of writing mapper and reducer. But I still wanted to write the program to give me the word count for all words in the input files

So I wrote a driver program of hadoop with map class as a TokenCounterMapper Class. This class is provided by hadoop and it tokenizes the input text and emits each word with count 1.

Just the recipe that I ordered …

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