Hadoop Tutorial :Intro to Big Data and HDFS

This tutorial attempts to give you overall understanding of Big Data in analytics and various strategies. It also talks about HDFS – the most important component of hadoop in details.

Agenda :

  1. Understanding Big Data.
  2. Strategies to handle big data.
  3. The Apache Hadoop Project
  4. Hadoop performance and data scale facts
  5. Hadoop HDFS
  6. Hadoop Map Reduce ( Next Post )
  7. Role of NoSQL Databases( Not in Scope )

Next Topics here :

Map Reduce Introduction and internals

Word Count Without Mapper and Reducer

WordCount With Custom Mapper and Reducer

And Now the actual presentation … Please wait for a while it takes time to load 😉

Please let us know your comments.

Happy Hadooping.

(Thanks to Maneesh Warshaney for his comic strip and Mujtaba Ahmed for his inputs )

7 thoughts on “Hadoop Tutorial :Intro to Big Data and HDFS

  1. Hi strong man in Hadoop. This is really fantastic one for who are having wish to know about the bigdata Hadoop. Thank you for your post.


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